Rascal Riches Slot Overview

Some animals break the law, despite the belief that humans are the only criminals. Monkeys at a Bali temple steal items from tourists and dump them off for food—is this the rule of the wild or capitalism business at its best? Be the judge. Today we’re dealing with law-breaking raccoons, not fleet-fingered macaques. Play’n GO developed Rascal Riches.

What these rascally raccoons are after is unclear, but a prolonged entrance sequence provides clues. The operation targets a golden trash can in a luxurious building, which attracts raccoons. Probably discarded produce. Surely there is plenty of items in trash or on the street that would be easy to get? However, what would life be like if we constantly took the easy path and avoided challenges? With that mentality, another species may have climbed the evolutionary ladder to the top, and we’d be digging in garbage cans for edible rubbish while sapient otters coded online slots.

Rascal Riches offers 243 chances to win on a 5×3 grid. This occurs when identical pay symbols land on at least three neighboring reels from the initial grid reel. Players may scroll Rascal Riches’ stake bar below the reels to choose a bet from 10 p/c to £/€100 every spin. Assuming medium-high volatility, players can expect a max theoretical return value of 96%, while lower models may exist, so verify. Five burglary tools are low-paying symbols, while four characters are premium symbols. Five OAK low payways pay 0.3 to 0.5 times the stake, while five high payways pay 0.8 to 1.5 times.

Rascal Riches Slot Features

In Rascal Riches, the Rascal Wild can occur on any base game spin. Full-reel Rascal Wilds replace all normal paying symbols. The wild is three rascals on each other’s shoulders with a trench coat for camouflage. Besides substituting pay symbols, The Rascal Wild may disclose up to 3 modifiers. The 3 rascals may expose any modifier.

You can see an x2, x3, or x5 multiplier. All spin wins are multiplied, and numerous multipliers are added.

2 or 3 mystery symbols Add mystery symbols to the grid. Regular pay symbols are revealed by mystery symbols.

Row Splitter splits all row symbols into 2. This does not split Rascal Wilds or scatters. This feature allows 3,888 winning combinations.

Free Spins

Golden Trash Can scatters appear on reels 1, 3, and 5. Landing 3 gives 5 free spins. Every free spin, the Rascal Wild moves. Golden Trash Can provides x20, x30, x50, or x100 multipliers before the last free spin. This multiplier applies to all last-spin winners. Rascal Wild multipliers are added to the Golden Trash Can Multiplier before application.

Rascal Riches Slot Review

Rascal Riches alternated between cute and obnoxious during the session. It has a lot to offer lovers of adorable animal slots, especially because racoons aren’t in many slots. Developers prefer domesticated animals like cats or dogs or wild animals like rhinos or buffalos over wild animals that scavenge for food in the city. Despite their sweetness, these animals’ wild character makes me not want to pet them.

Rascal Riches isn’t wild. Instead, the trio of menaces are delightful like Top Cat. They’re rascals with golden hearts. From the welcoming video to the adorable Rascal Wild stack of rascals triggering extras, Rascal Riches hits the ‘playfully charming’ button. Rascal Riches offers all this and more for those who want to pet attractive criminals. Rascal Riches can win 9,000x the stake. After an early run, the game didn’t seem to yield much, so that amount was astonishing. Rascal Riches may surprise since it is possible to build up several methods and inject tidy multipliers, especially on a last free spin. Although the Mystery sign is the least preferred bonus, it’s better than raccoon spray. Okay, that’s a skunk, but you get the concept.

To conclude, Rascal Riches is an okay game that first chased its striped tail around in circles and feels old. However, its tail has a sting, so Rascal Riches may provide gaming pleasure if the rascally rambling gets its act together.

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