Overview of the Slot Machine with Zodiac Infinity Reels

Fewer than you might think are based on the twelve signs of Western astrology, despite the fact that there are many Zodiac-themed slots available. The Australian studio ReelPlay’s Zodiac Infinity Reels stands apart among the others since it doesn’t focus on Asia as the others do. Infinity Reels, multipliers, jackpots, and free spins add to the fun, and players may even select any zodiac symbol to act as a wild.

A person’s astrological “sign” is determined by their date of birth, according to the practice of Astrology. Many people believe that our personalities, destinies, and financial situations are all influenced by the sign we were born under. Yes, it appeals to certain people and not others; who knows why? We inhabit a fascinating universe. There must be more than 12 varieties of people in the world, say skeptics. Just as it is impossible to change the minds of those who aren’t already Zodiac sign fans, it’s also impossible to change the minds of those who are. Let’s put aside our differences for the time being and try to maintain some semblance of decorum.

Zodiac Infinity Reels makes use of ReelPlay’s original Infinity Reel mechanism, as the name would imply. Here, you begin each spin with 3 reels, and as you rack up wins, those reels grow to accommodate more. In terms of design, the grid of Zodiac Infinity Reels is saturated with mystical symbols. Zodiac Infinity Reel is a beautifully drawn game if you enjoy themes like a starlit mountainous backdrop and symbols that are mostly based on fairy art. If you don’t, in approximately four minutes, you’ll probably feel like smashing sprites with a war hammer.

Those interested in a little fantasy-themed fun may do so on any platform they want, with wagers ranging from 25 cents to £/€60. Odin Infinity Reels’ polar opposite, Zodiac Infinity Reels, features more subdued statistics to appeal to a broader audience. Drops to medium+ in volatility, but potential has been severely damaged (more on that below). There is a potential return value of 95.57%, which is lower than Odin’s was (96.18%).

There are three ethereal feminine figures, one each in blue, pink, and green, crowned by a flaming Celestial Guardian, making up the symbols. It would have been wonderful to gain some context for what’s happening, but the gamers that are interested may always make their own up. The lower half of the diagram features the sun, moon, earth, and the elements of air, fire, and water. Being out in nature is awesome. You don’t have to accept the astrological sign assigned to you; instead, you can pick from among the 12 available options. Signs can be chosen at random, or players can get creative by combining different signs.

Infinite Reels of the Zodiac Slots

The Infinity Reels feature plays a pivotal role in this story. When the last reel is part of a winning combination, an additional reel is added to the set. Another reel is added if the symbols on it increase the win, and so on, until the win can no longer be increased. There is also an x1 win multiplier to use on your first spin. The multiplier is increased by one every time a reel is added and resets after a successful spin.

If, in a single play, you accumulate 13 or more reels, the Infinity Bonus jackpot activates and awards a payout equal to 888 times your wager, just as it did in earlier Infinity Reels slots.

A spin of a five-level wheel is triggered if a wheel scatter symbol appears. The initial 8 spins are free, with further bonuses possible based on the outcome of the game. If it leads to a monetary payout, that sum is given, and then free spins are played. Spins won and multipliers earned are carried over to the next level if the wheel lands on those features. If you make it to level 5, you’ll win either a 10x, 25x, 100x, or 1,000x your original bet, respectively, depending on which jackpot you hit.

Spins for free start after the wheel sequence is finished. If they spin the wheel and collect a multiplier, for example, that multiplier may increase by +7 for the next spin. Better yet, the multiplier does not reset between free spins, and there is no cap on how high it can go. The final detail is that there are 4 more free spins added if wheel scatters appear during the bonus round.

Slot Opinion on Zodiac’s Endless Reels

Theme is more important than ever before in making Infinity Reels slots stand out from the crowd. Certain points have stood out. Odin’s Megaways and immense potential were only the beginning, and the Book of Ultimate Infinity made ingenious use of growing symbols. Zodiac Infinity Reels, on the other hand, does not shy away from focusing on its central topic. Going into anything unfamiliar with an open mind is usually a good idea. Despite its accessibility, Zodiac Infinity Reels reads like a slot machine only a small subset of people would like.

They’re not great, but the numbers aren’t exactly a selling point, either. Despite the claims of “infinite reels,” the maximum payout in the standard game is just 191 times your wager. The maximum payout during free spins is slightly higher, at 3,596 times your initial wager, although this is still not a huge amount. When you think about the ‘unlimited’ reels feature and the multipliers that go up to +7 per reel, you realize that this is an incredibly low jackpot.

Playing Zodiac Infinity Reels is like playing a progressive jackpot slot machine: you do it for one purpose only. In order to go away to Middle Earth and dance in the moonlight with pixies while they spin pennies across realities. We assume this to be the case. Hardly anything else comes to me as a better justification for trying out Zodiac Infinity Reels.

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